Age: 30-something
Height: 5'4"
Bust: 34C
Zodiac Sign: picky little Virgo
Cigarette Brand: Saratogas/VS 120s
Favorite Food: sushi, steak
Turn Ons: Smoking and sex!
Favorite Bands: Korn, Disturbed
Turn Offs: Anal sex, orders
IRL Smoking Sensuality
You've found the hottest smoking fetish babe on the web. It's been said by many I "get" the fetish. I do and I know what you want to see. Download my free trailers and see for yourself!
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I change my look almost as often as I change what brand I smoke. From lingerie to a prissy blouse
and skirt or latex and vinyl. But don't worry! You'll see it all on my LIVE 24/7 SpyCams!

Rings and Double Pumps
Rings, aggressive light ups, double pumps, and huge exhales: I love it all, especially when it's done with a long, sexy 120! My current favorites are Virginia Slims 120s and Saratogas but I also love Misty 120s and Marlboro 100s.
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You'll love my new HD vids and my obsession with perfectly captured exhales, sound and lighting.
These free trailers are a big 960 x 540 but members area vids are now a hi-def 1440 x 1080!
Black to Redhead and Back
My hair color and style might change from time to time, but my passion for cigarettes doesn't. The smoke filling my lungs, that little bite with each drag...these are a few of my favorite things.
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watch me eat, sleep, work, bathe, and fuck 24/7!  I've got web cams all over my house and will be adding more!

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