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Paula viewed Sally quizzically and Sally stated, “Sorry Paula, we forgot concerning the earrings. ”

“So now we’ve sorted that out you need to let me know exactly about yourselves and also this lovely latex” as she fingered Paula’s gown and smoothed her hand down their thigh.

Sally explained to her the way they both enjoyed the feel and aroma of this latex and exactly just exactly just how sexy an individual seemed dressed up in the material that is shiny. She additionally told Amanda exactly exactly just how she enjoyed dressing Paula up and showing him down in public areas and which he liked the interest, “Don’t you dear? ”

Paula now the centre of attention ended up being loving it and seeking into Amanda eyes stated,

“Please don’t think i’m homosexual or such a thing we simply like putting on Sally’s garments, we truly haven’t done this before, the one thing strange about me personally is the fact that i love putting on raincoats and seeing women also using raincoats particularly when they have been shiny, and a genuine bonus is when they’ve been rubber lined like these people are, ” and he revealed Amanda the liner of their raincoat. Continue reading