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How an app that is dating saving my marriage. You might argue that i possibly could place all this work work and power to fix my wedding.

You might argue that i possibly could put all of this work and energy to fix my wedding.


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I will be a lady inside her mid-30s in Bengaluru. Hitched for ten years. Mom of 1. A mid-level pro, whom you’ll ordinarily label as you leading the perfect life.

But i will be done fitting in with all the label of just just exactly what society demands of females. Continue reading

The way I hacked Dil Mil (Indian dating application) to reveal a user’s precise location. I am aware five those who have gotten involved onto it into the this past year!

FROM a tremendously age that is young i usually liked computer systems. I started out with piracy, Gameboy emulators, Xbox hacking, and relocated to the more ‘hard’ stuff — spyware, botnets, monetary material — We also contributed code to PopcornTime, the most popular Netflix piracy application! But, that life ended up being I recently came upon this wonderful app Dil Mil aka Tinder for South Asians behind me… until.

Dil Mil fast-tracks one to marriage (shaadi).

I am aware five those who have gotten engaged upon it into the just last year!

I will be a bit of a hopeles s old-fashioned and romantic, thus I am more tuned to that particular “love in the beginning sight”. plus, there aren’t any aliens on dating apps. But, I made the decision to see wsup, and just take a appropriate appearance myself. Continue reading