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Build an even more sample that is complete. In this area, you are going to make use of NuGet to install a far more complete test we works with.

Create a brand new empty ASP.NET internet task.

Within the Package Manager Console, go into the following commands:

In this guide, we are going to utilize SendGrid to deliver e-mail. The Identity.Samples package installs the code we will be dealing with.

Test account that is local by operating the application, choosing the enroll website website link, and publishing the enrollment type.

Find the demo email website website website link, which simulates e-mail verification.

Take away the demo e-mail link confirmation rule through the test (The ViewBag.Link rule when you look at the account controller. Begin to see the DisplayEmail and ForgotPasswordConfirmation action practices and razor views ).

If you change some of the safety settings in this test, productions apps will have to go through a security review that clearly calls the noticeable modifications made. Continue reading