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Utilize Chromecast without Internet/mobile information by starting an internet-less hotspot

Thorough (no photos): •Gather two products •One must certanly be A android mobile phone with mobile hotspot ability

•The second could be any unit this is certainly with the capacity of casting regional news

•open “settings” on cell phone

•open “more systems”

•select “mobile hotspot”

•turn on “mobile hotspot”

•go into “mobile hotspot” settings by choosing the 3 vertical dots within the upper-right part

•select configure hotspot

•type in a title you desire to phone your hotspot that is mobile network keep the default title

•scroll down to select a password because of this community

Now we should switch the Wi-Fi system that the Chromecast is paired to.

•ensure that the next unit (the main one you intend to throw from) is linked to the exact same system that the Chromecast is paired to (the pairing had been done when you setup your Chromecast) •open the Chromecast application (then choose the name of the Chromecast •Select “Wi-Fi” •Select the name of the network you are on (this will drop-down a menu with other networks) •Select the name of the mobile hotspot network you created and enter password •This will successfully switch the network that the Chromecast looks to connect to if using iOS or Android) or open Chrome if using Linux, Windows, or MacOS •From the app choose the name of the BiCupid Chromscast or from Chrome select the Chromecast icon in the upper-right of the screen and

Now we will open LocalCast app and cast the video clip we desire. Continue reading